EIP Operational Group activities in Finland

EIP Operational Groups have been the flagship innovation and development projects of the Finnish Rural Development Plan 2014-2022. For the new CAP programming period 2023-2027, the aim is to have 100 EIP Operational Groups.

Call for Innovation Market 2024 is open!

Looking for EIP-AGRI Operational Groups and innovative projects to attend our Innovation Market

Innovation Market is an annually organized joint exhibition area taking place this year at the Finnish Agricultural machinery trade fair in Helsinki. Finnish Rural Network is inviting EIP-AGRI Operational Groups, innovative projects as well as innovation support service providers from all over Europe to apply to the Innovation Market to showcase what’s happening in R&D in agriculture, forestry, and horticulture.

Over the years, the Innovation Market has developed into a well-known exhibition area with a rich and diverse programme alongside the fair. This year there will be at least innovation reviews, walking tours and a networking event. We may come up also something extra! Read more and apply!

In 2023, the Innovation Market was organised for the third time and once again bigger than ever. The joint stand at KoneAgria brought together 35 exhibitors including 10 EIP-AGRI Operational Groups, 15 start-ups and 16 other innovative projects. Check out the atmosphere at the fair in the video.

EIP-AGRI Innovation Awards 2024 for Operational Groups: Finnish Nominees

SMART FEED – Smart measurements in cattle feeding and health

This Operational Group from Finland combined methods, tools, analytics and data transfer to create an on-farm system for monitoring silage quality and energy and protein nutrition balance in dairy cows. The overall aim was to improve cattle health and increase farm efficiency, productivity and competitiveness. The system allows the control of the feed dry matter content via a silage sampler attached to a bale gripper, a fast method for determining dry matter using a halogen dryer and a mobile application, FeedApp. This was developed in close collaboration with farmers. Other project partners were a rural advisory organisation, a small metal workshop, and a veterinarian-nutrition and animal health expert.

Development of a carbon footprint guidance and calculator for recycled fertiliser products

This Operational Group from Finland has developed the very first ‘Carbon Footprint Calculator’ for recycled fertilisers so that manufacturers can reliably and transparently calculate and demonstrate the climate and environmental benefits of these products. Guidelines ensure that calculations are measurable, comparable and easier to communicate. A detailed and clear model for calculating the carbon footprint of a product is available to manufacturers. The lower footprint of recycled fertiliser products could be a competitive advantage compared to mineral-based fertiliser products. The project involved bioenergy and biogas associations, industry, manufacturers, NGOs, a waterworks association, a meat processing company and agricultural advisors. The calculator is based on international standards so it can be transferred to other countries. It is being translated into English.

EIP Operational Groups in Rural Development Programme 2014-2023

Altogether 32 EIP Operational Groups have been funded:

EIP Operational Groups in CAP 2023-2027 

Piirretyssä kuvassa käsi pitelee lamppua

In Finland there can be regional, cross-regional, national and international EIP projects. The first EIP Operational Groups of CAP 2023-2027 have just been selected: 

  • Moose drone: Investigating how to identify tree seedlings to be treated with anti-eating agent in seedling stands and how to apply the agent using drones 
  • ERISTEK: Enhancing animal disease risk management by integrating new technologies with existing disease control practices 
  • PUNURMIO: Developing a method for automatic and plot-specific assessment, monitoring and prediction of grass biomass growth.

Transnational cooperation in EIP

Finland has been collaborating with Estonia, Latvia and Sweden in an attempt to accelerate transnational cooperation in EIP Operational Groups and to synchronize the national EIP calls. 

Already currently transnational cooperation in Finnish EIP projects is possible. An EIP project may involve international cooperation or be entirely international. 

  • A project with an international component means, for example, benchmarking or organising a joint event with an EIP Operational Group from another country. 
  • A fully international project is one where the project is designed, objectives are set, and activities are carried out in cooperation with an EIP Operational Group in another country or an international EIP Operational Group has members from the cooperating countries. 

EIP Operational Groups may also cooperate with projects under the Horizon Europe research programme and participate in the work of the EU’s EIP-AGRI network. Read more!


Interested in transnational cooperation with Finnish partners?

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