Cooperation with Innovation programs and Research networks

Innovation programs

The goal of Finland’s EMFAF program is to speed up innovations in fisheries. Multi-year innovation programs aim at development work that permanently benefits the entire industry. The aim of the programs is to promote network-like development work based on partnerships between companies and between private and public actors in order to solve the industry’s key challenges.

  • Fisheries development program
  • Aquaculture development program
  • Fisheries environmental program
  • Blue Products fish processing development program
  • Fish marketing and quality development program

In order to deepen cooperation, members of the fisheries network have been appointed to steering groups of development programs. In addition, many activators participate in the ideation and planning of development program measures.

Research and development programs

The network’s activators are not involved in all different programs, but the programs are offered opportunities to inform about their activities and results through the network’s portal. They get access to, for example, discussion boards, a blog platform, a news publishing channel and other technical services implemented through the portal.
The first example of such a research group is the “Water mold network”.