Blue Products 3.0 – New product development program

Objectives The overall goal of the program is to increase the use of the most important identified and underutilized fish species, especially herring, monkfish, shell and roach, as well as by-streams from the processing industry as food or value-added products.

Program implementers

  • Aktion Österbotten (administrator)
  • Technology research center VTT Oy
  • University of Turku
  • Natural Resources Center
  • Österbottens Fiskarförbund (coordinator)

The program’s focus areas and their main goals:

  • Improving fish quality throughout the value chain
    • To analyze the quality of key fish offered as food and feed and the applicable means of improving quality
    • Improves the quality of the fish offered to the consumer
    • Increase the quantity of domestic fish that can be used as food
  • Promotion of fish product development and new production methods
    • Improves the efficiency of the fish industry’s processes and the quality of the products
    • Increase the use of new species and raw material streams as raw material for food and feed
    • Helps the domestic fish sector to find new product concepts for different consumer groups
  • Accelerating the commercialization of fish value fractions
    • Scale the value chain production processes towards production scale
    • Develops feature sets and model products for commercialization
    • Helps the construction of domestic value chains and companies outside the fish sector to utilize value fractions in various product concepts (e.g. food, pet food, nutritional supplements, cosmetics)
  • Development of networked cooperation
      The consortium is constantly expanding its network by presenting results openly and actively, with the aim of disseminating research information as efficiently as possible

    • Current international networks are strengthened and new international partners are identified.
    • We promote access to funding for fish product development projects applied for by companies, in which BP researchers are involved

What kind of actions are planned in the initial phase

  • The current development and research needs of key companies are mapped through personal interviews. In this way, research can be steered more clearly towards business and produce concrete added value for the development of the industry.
  • The needs to improve the quality of the raw material are mapped
  • The amounts and places of formation of side streams are mapped
  • Let’s begin the mapping of new process methods with the aim of increasing the efficiency of the fish sector’s processes and the quality and shelf life of the products
  • Process methods are being further developed to improve the properties of value fractions

More information
Marina Nyqvist, coordinator
Österbotten Fiskarförbund
tel. 050 527 2314