Fish marketing and quality development program

The goal of the fish marketing and quality development program is to promote the realization of the goals of the EMVKR program 2021–2027 and the Domestic Fish Promotion Program, i.e. increasing the use of fish and increasing the value of exports.

The program’s practical measures are divided into five work packages, which are

  • Maintaining consumer demand and interest in a changed market situation
  • Increasing the supply of fish in professional kitchens
  • Improving the quality of fish products
  • Innovative solutions through networking
  • Internationalization and export promotion

Funding has been granted for the program until the end of May 2024.

The program is coordinated and implemented by Pro Kala in cooperation with the industry’s companies, organizations and other partners that are best suited to the overall situation at that time.

More information
Katriina Partanen, Pro Kala association
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