Thematic groups

Meetings of thematic groups are generally open, meaning that anyone interested in the issues can participate. On the other hand, for example, participant restrictions can be set for live meetings due to, for example, the meeting place.

Training and recruitment theme group

The Training and Recruitment Theme Group brings together organisations providing initial and continuing training in fisheries or seeking to recruit new entrants to the sector. To ensure the continuity of the sector, ways must be developed to maintain and increase skills and to improve the attractiveness of the sector. Group activator: Janne Ruokolainen, janne.ruokolainen(at) or tea.nousiainen(at)

Smart partnerships

The theme group will facilitate cooperation between those developing and using digitalisation, mobile systems, energy solutions, platform economics, sales channels, technical processing equipment, etc. Partnerships will also be developed in the area of cooperation between entrepreneurs, development projects and inputs. Group activator: Pekka Sahama, pekka.sahama(at)

Communication and effectiveness

The thematic group provides up-to-date information, good practices and communicates the effectiveness of fisheries management.

Guidance and growth support activities

The thematic group provides advice specifically designed to support business activities throughout Finland. The advice covers technical support for information systems in the sector and guidance on starting and developing a business.

Internationality Theme Group

The theme group helps to establish international contacts within the sector, provides up-to-date information on international funding opportunities for the network’s actors and develops international exchange and advocacy. E.g. The group can provide help in finding skilled workforce.

The theme group also has a natural role to play in facilitating and linking international Leader projects. It is also important to bring together the results and experiences of past export projects. What was learned? What was successful? Where did we fail? Why?

Past experience shows that small businesses are more successful internationally when they join forces. The Internationality Theme Group is also preparing to serve as a platform for building such common networks towards international objectives. This is one of the needs that emerged from the Future Dialogue exercise that the thematic group was hoped to serve. In the future, the group aims to play an increasingly significant role as a communication channel for Finnish fisheries at EU level by providing current and exact information on the state of fisheries in the country.

The group’s activities will continue to evolve and ideas will be further processed into concrete actions. Future activities of the group include business visits, coffee mornings with an international theme, etc.

Group activator: Riku Mesiniemi, riku.mesiniemi(at)