Tools and methods in networking

The fisheries network has chosen different methods to support its operations and built tools into the portal to facilitate its work. Below is an introduction to different working methods and our choices.


Future Dialogue

The Finnish Institute of Occupational Health is responsible for the operational implementation of their WORK2030 program. Work2030 program developed the Future Dialogue -method as tool to their mission, to make Finland the world leader in well-being at work by 2030.

Future dialogue is a method whose goal is to increase organizations’ ability to change and foresight. The effectiveness of the method arises both from the discussion between the stakeholders and from the updated situational picture through the dialogue.

In principle the method in its simplest form consists of three main phases. The first phase is about getting the participants familiar with the subject through a dialogue or launching a kick off event. In the second phase participants dive deeper into the subject and the material, finding solutions to the challenges that have risen in the previous discussion. The third phase is about assembling the ideas and thoughts from earlier phases to form steps for cooperation and concrete actions in the future.

As the awareness of the changing operating environment increases, the responsiveness to future change pressures also increases. Through dialogue, it is possible to come up with ideas and move forward with concrete measures to improve well-being and productivity.


Fisheries Parliament

The purpose of the Fisheries Parliament is to bring together entrepreneurs and developers in the fish industry to hear about interesting issues and news in the industry. At the same time, actors get to talk about their experiences and get to network with others. 

Parliament is fully open Teams-meeting that is organized bi-monthly. Subjects vary form fishing gear development, fish markets, by-products to aquaculture etc. FLAG activators organize the events and invite the guest speakers depending on the current theme.

Discussion groups

The discussion groups on the networks website work as a great continuation to any event or a meeting. It is a platform where the registered users can join to conversations according to their liking, create their own discussion, share information about different topics and find partners with common interests. Members can choose their favorite topics and receive notifications to stay updated on the discussion. The platform also offers other additional tools, such as blog tool and an event creator that the network is getting familiar with.