16.11.2023 klo 08:00 - 17:00

EU CAP Network event: Forum on Best Practices in the Agri-Food Supply Chain Responses to the Cost of Living Crisis

The Farm to Fork Forum was launched by the European Commission in December 2021 as one of the actions envisaged under the Farm to Fork Strategy. It aims at enhancing the cooperation between primary producers, improving their position within the food supply chain and increasing market transparency.

Building on discussions and outcomes of the previous sessions of the Forum, the event will discuss the various ways in which different actors of the agri-food value chain, from producers to consumers, have responded to the cost-of-living crisis. It will also address the implications of the green and digital transition on the increasing costs and food prices.

You can express your interest to participate in this event by 26 October 2023 using the linkOpen link in new window below.

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The event is free of charge; however, participants will need to organise and pay for their own travel and accommodation. Please do not make any travel arrangements until you have received confirmation of your participation!

Exceptionally, travel and accommodation costs related to the event may be covered for a number of eligible participants (only for a number of farmers or farmers’ organisations, non-governmental organisations and LAGs). Further information will be provided in the confirmation messages.

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