AgriHubi – farmers' competence network (Finland)

AgriHubi is established at the beginning of year 2021 to strenghen Finnish AKIS -actors' collaboration, faster knowledge transfer, and to improve Finnish agriculture's profitability.

Working groups within AgriHubi

Education -group

Finnish agricultural education representatives meet on regularly to share common development needs. This group has gathers secondary and tertiary educators together. Also representatives of advisory, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry as well as Finnish National Agency of Education are included.

Smart agriculture -group

Within the field of digitalization and data the development is fast. There are a great number of development paths that require different competencies. This group is a place for researchers, educators, advisors, farmers, farmers’ unions, CAP network, and administration representatives to meet on regularbase to discuss about recent developments and how to disseminate those on farmers’ daily operations when needed.

Communication -group

Members of communication group are communication specialists from those organizations that are represented on AgriHubi’s steering group. AgriHubi is a network and the efficiency of the network is only reachable with strong commitment to the common work and also disseminating this within each others’ own networks and channels.

Steering group

Steering group members represent organizations committed to AgriHubi with financial inputs. They represent different aspects of AKIS. Full-time farmers from different production branches are well present on the meetings. Steering group is supervising the AgriHubi’s network actions.