Digital Innovation Hubs in Finnish rural regions

Later on you will find information of Digital Innovation Hubs (DIH) operating on Finnish rural regions.

Agriculture and Rural Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs) in Finland


A systematic integration of agrology student assets (degree programs) and agricultural end-users (training & technology adoption) in the process of RDI and adoption of Smart Farming Technology (SFT) is an increasingly important motivator for rural SMEs and agrifood companies to invest in, or collaborate with, regional DIHs and competence centres that are part of educational RDI organisations. In this process, current competences are strengthened and enabled, future experts and end-users are educated and formed, and suppliers & users of technology are being linked efficiently. Here we aim at widening the scope of our DIH strategy by actively building on these perceived multi-actor synergies to achieve an improved, continuous, and sustained process of SFT enablement and adoption across sectors and generations. We refine our strategy by a) explicitly integrating above mentioned target groups into current service portfolio and b) add specific services to support and develop cross-sectoral and -generational synergies. Measures are based on involvement and interactions of students, end-users and corporate stakeholders in Ecosystem Building, Technology & Adoption and Business.

Rural Industry DIH

Rural Industry DIH ensures that sparsely populated areas also have the opportunity to fully exploit their growth potential in the digital revolution. The digitalisation of business is the core of operations. It will be pursued through research and development, training, product development and production process support, financial instruments and international networking. The impetus for these actions is a strategy for smart specialization in EU regions, with support for the digitalisation of SMEs at the heart.

News of Finnish DIHs