Osallistu Behavioural Change Towards Climate-Smart Agriculture -verkkotyöpajaan 23.5.2024

Behavioural Change Towards Climate-Smart Agriculture eli BEATLES-hankkeen verkkotyöpaja työpaja järjestetään 23.5.. Ilmoittaudu mukaan ja verkostoidu muiden teemasta kiinnostuneiden kanssa tässä Horizon-hankkeen tilaisuudessa!

Alla lisätietoa BEATLES-hankkeesta ja sen ensimmäisestä työpajasta

BEATLES is a Horizon Europe (2022-2026) focused on behavioural analysis to develop transformational pathways to foster the transition to fair, healthy and environmentally friendly food systems and the adoption of Climate-Smart Agriculture (CSA) and smart farming technologies in five Use Cases.
AEIDL (European Association for Innovation in Local Development) is leading the work package on transition through policy recommendations and tools. After the first year and a half of the project, the EU multi-actor working group will organise its first workshop on 23 May (from 10.30 am to 1 pm, CET). This group is a pan-European group driving Climate-Smart Agriculture (CSA) initiatives, bridging science, society, and policy across Europe.
In the framework of the Strategic Dialogue on the future of EU agriculture and the beginning of the debate on the CAP post-2027, the first of a series of workshops is a key part of our BEATLES co-creation process so that the leading research and policy findings we are producing can be assessed by experts and policy practitioners from outside the BEATLES project. This will help us consider how our results can be extrapolated to the EU level and whether they may be turned into actionable policy recommendations. 
Aside from exploring project insights and recent outcomes, our agenda features captivating presentations from key voices including DG AGRI’s policy perspectives unit, the Joint Research Center, and the EIP-AGRI. 
Are you interested or do you think someone in your team would be? Please express your interest here before 10 May.